Custom Keto Diet Review

In this article, we are going to share with you Custom Keto Diet Review which will help you a lot to decide whether to buy this product or not.

Hi guys I was going first video in a while, okay, someone contacted me and wanted to know about the custom keto diet, so I’ve, looked into it, okay and it’s. Actually, a surprisingly good diet program.

Now, just a bit of background info, I’m. A type 2 diabetic and I’ve, really improved my diabetes, okay, true the keto diet right. So that was me around 2012 about 120 kg or 260 pounds, and I’ve slimmed down massively there, the last couple of years by doing intermittent fasting and keto okay, there’s, not a quick picture now back to the custom keto Diet, so this is what you started off with now.

You go to the home page and you have to fill in some info here which gives you your your actual custom keto diet. Okay, so click there. Now you go male or female. I’m male and you have the choice of activity level.

I’m very active because I’m. I walk a lot and I do a lot of jimang and stuff very active now. This is your. You choose your meat, I, like them all chicken pork beef, fish bacon. Okay, are you can go no meat if you’re vegetarian next veggies, I, like them all broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, cauliflower, asparagus, avocado, and these are the main keto veggies that people usually go for next other foods.

Eggs are like not cheese, cottage cheese, butter coconut next, a bit more, I’m 50. I’m 178. I’m about 90 kg. Now a my target weight. 75 kg. Remember I’ve, come from a max of about 120 kg down to 90, but I need to lose more so now you go continue, and here is your summary right.

So I’ll, be having 2,300 2,400 calories. 170. 290 grams of fats – I’ll, be having 140 to 160 grams of protein and thirty to forty grams of carbs. Okay, that’s; a low amount of carbs, but that’s. What you need in order for this to work, and my daily water intake, should be up around four liters 3.

9 liters, which is around the gallon. It’s. Nearly a gallon. My BMI at mom’d is 28.4, which is high. I’m all for way of still overweight, even though I’ve lost a lot of weight anyway, we move on daily activity level, is high and achievable a 30-day waist 85 kg okay and shows all these people who’Ve done it hard now what you get portion sizes have been calculated specifically for you, the most popular keto diet.

Easy recipes apparently means get it now there. It is it’s, 37 dollars, okay, and then you hit complete order and you pay for it. Now when you go into the program, the first thing you’ll be met. With is the four days you will be offered coaching and it’s free for 30 days, so it’s, probably more taken anywhere after that offer.

Then you’re into your main program and how you access this. On Don is the send you a link in your email and then you just bookmark the link and then you can access at any time. Ok. So this is the home page.

There’s, a message here from Rachel Roberts, the founder, and so we move on then and oh yeah. The first thing is there’s; a free bonus. There’s, an intermittent fasting for keto dieters. There’s, a book there on how to do intermittent fasting and that’s very important to combine keto with intermittent fasting to get the best results.

Okay, so you can download that book now. Moving on to the diet, here I’ll. Just show you yeah your custom meal plan right. So this is day one. So I can’t show you everything, obviously, but I have to show you this one.

You get a keto breakfast crap right for breakfast occasion: salmon patty, pork belly and greens start frying for dinner and snacks is key to a cold slower. Now I’ll just go into one of these, the first one so keto breakfast CREP, 560 556 calories takes 20 minutes for in person, 20 grams of protein, fifty one point: three grams of fat, 2.

8, carbs, etc. Now you can watch the video if you want, are it gives you the ingredients? Are you can just look at the photos and the instructions really good? Three any well darling and detailed? You know you know see if the choice that the video or just follow the instructions so that’s really good.

And let me just go back now here right back to the plan, so that’s week, one right and then you can go to week, two, and so it goes up to eight weights right, so that’s. All your meals covered up here, Dania I’ve, got my waist height daily calories water and take a tired of wage activity, level, proteins, fats, carbs, etcetera right.

Moving on from there then keto 101. There’s, a load of bonus books. Here this is a book where you learn everything about Quito, okay, you know one on one and there’s. A video series right can go into all of our Quito and the introduction.

Well, as the keto diet, benefits of the keto diet, keto diet, blood pressure, and if you’re on the Kino diet, you could all the carbs. How do your diet, your blood pressure, will come down? What do I eat on a keto diet? It goes on and on really good and then recipes there’s more books here with extra recipes where these are bacon recipes, fat bombs, fat bombs are excellent and they’re delicious.

You know they’re like chocolate, treats without sugar, and I make them myself the whole time and really keep you going, the very filling and they will satisfy you. Keto party, snacks, keto, superfood, smoothies, yes, smoothies.

I make a lot of, and you know as long as you keep the really sugary fruit odom, the really good, so, whether you’re, just wanting to lose weight – or you were diabetic trying to get your sugar down smoothies can be very good for You there’s.

Peanut butter treats savory foods, chocolate, treats avocado recipes, desserts, cookies, vascular recipes, I mean it goes on and on. The choice here is amazing: it’d, be spies. The choice supplements now these are supplements.

They’re recommended you. Don’t have to happen, but MCT oil. If you click on that it just links to Amazon, but they are products that would be good for you and don’t forget lots of water and this one is free, and then there’s ingredients.

Then you can buy various things. All in all, I’m surprised how good this is like it’s. It’s, a very comprehensive program. I think it’s worth the money. If you’re still watching this video, you know, I think you could do worse.

You know you buy into this program, you have it on your computer, you have it on your phone. Wherever you go and it’s, just it’s kind of compact, like it’s rather than looking around the internet, all the time for different different YouTube.

Videos. Different pains just have this program here, ready waiting for yourself anyway, guys, please, like the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe of course and comment. You know comment below if you’ve used this program before and how he found it her.

How are you doing at the keto diet? Generally, you know so thanks for watching and catch you in the net.

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